Thursday, October 25, 2007

Red Sox vs. Rockies

Peter and I enjoyed a viewing of the baseball starting in the fourth or so...I remember Varitek had just driven in two runs on a ground-rule double as Peter arrived.

I had the idea that Jason Varitek might be a bit on the tall side for a catcher, but none of the baseball stats sites had a search by height. Then google provided me with only a handful of players thus described, all measuring in at 6'4" or 6'5", so I guess Varitek's 6'2" is considered within normal parameters. Ah well.

Not really too exciting of a game. Seeing all those Boston runs scored with two already out brought back some painful wiffleball memories, as Peter helped me remember. I did enjoy Matt Herges's relief pitching (nullus). He seemed to be throwing a lot of dramatical curves.


edith said...

Did i tell you i once scooped ice cream with Karen Varitek and baby varitek (watched)? they were sweet and chatty. And brunette. It was a charity event called the ScooperBowl in Boston. Cool.

Travis said...

Nullus on the ScooperBowl.