Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feeling Pessimistic

Dday at Hullabaloo has a post on the Obama and Republican ground games. I'm not feeling very positive.

Kerry was going to turn out newly registered and young voters in unprecedented numbers too. For all I know Al Gore had the same intent. It doesn't work...they're newly registered because they weren't registered before, and they weren't registered before because they don't vote. Relying on non-voters to put you over the top is a losing strategy: voters are going to trump non-voters in any sort of voting-related competition.

In contrast, focusing on people who do vote, and who vote for Democrats, and then denying them the ballot, is an excellent approach for Republicans to take. If they can get away with it, and by every indication they certainly can, it is just an eminently more sensible approach to winning an election.

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Dave said...

losing the presidency again will make the left even more shrill and counterproductive. I hope it doesn't happen.