Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Metal Birds Near My House

I have always enjoyed these metal silhouettes in a bricked-over window a block away from my house on Franklin:

Metal silhouettes in bricked-over window

(There is also a newer Swoon piece on the other end of the same block:

Franklin Ave Swoon piece
Not related, just thought it was cool.)

On Monday I noticed some more birds and a cat in the bricked-up windows of the building down my street in the other direction, between Bedford and Rogers:

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

I couldn't find it on Flickr, but it looks like it's from the same patterns as these birds and cat in Brooklyn Heights (embed disabled), and these golden birds in Dumbo:

Golden bird silhouettes in Dumbo

They're pretty cool looking...you can see the eyes on the golden ones, but the silvery ones have eyes as well, and it's a neat effect. And I like how they're always put in old windows. I tried asking Jeeves about who makes these, but didn't come up with anything. I did find a blog post about how the building on Franklin was sold and might be developed, but who knows if that's still on.


Dave said...

I think it's awesome that it's near stars. Last year I started noticing that stars were all over the place on older buildings.

tps12 said...

Yeah, I like that too. I wonder if the artist was deliberately targeting buildings with stars, or if it's just that the sorts of old industrial properties that get their windows bricked over are just likely to be star-spangled because of when they were built.