Thursday, April 30, 2009


People are probably aware of the Israeli minister who thinks "swine flu" is offensive to Jews and Muslims because it refers to a food they can't eat. I don't get it...I could see the objection if they named a deadly disease after something that Israelis do eat (falafel pox?), but it's hard for me to understand this one. I'm assuming he was mistranslated.


DU said...

Saying an Orthodox Jew has swine flu would be like saying a conservative Christian has AIDS. The implication (for idiots, but nevertheless) is that they broke The Law. Kosher in one case, buttsecks in the other.

tps12 said...

Is my brain leaking out my ears a symptom I should worry about?

DU said...

A leading indicator of mind flu. Also, I got a rope burn recently or as I call it "twine flu". *furiously writes these down*