Monday, June 15, 2009

Homemade Cargo Bike

Saw this just now walking the dog:

Cargo bike made with a shopping cart

It's a slightly modified shopping cart strapped to the front fork with hose clamps. The two front wheels are each attached to forks as well, also connected to the basket with hose clamps. I didn't think to inspect the headset, but I guess there must be a stem in there to hold it together, but with no bars other than the handle of the shopping cart.

So not only useful, but also welding-free and completely reversible.


Peter Hamtramck said...

Oh wow! That's amazing. You saw this in your neighborhood? Maybe we can track down a mini shopping cart and add a third incarnation to my BMX.

tps12 said...

Oh man, BMX cargo bike would be so cool.