Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cyclones Season Opener

During the week following our visit to the park, Peter and I decided we'd have to see some more real baseball. He's in the same boat I am, never really having been a serious fan but now getting into the game. We looked into it, and the season opener of the Brooklyn Cyclones against their rival Staten Island Yankees was only a week away. Andrew and Kate said they were in, so I grabbed some standing-room tickets online.

Both Kate and Andrew had to cancel on the day of the game. Peter and I biked down to KeySpan Park separately, because he was a little late leaving work. I arrived in time to grab a beer before the first pitch.


We posted up behind Section 14, and had a great view. There were plenty of empty seats, but we didn't even feel the need to move as the game went on. It was a total blast, and the Cyclones triumphed. It's a beautiful park, the weather was great, and you knew watching it that this was most of these kids' first pro game, ever. I'll definitely be back.

It did start to rain just before we got back to our neighborhood. No biggie.

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