Saturday, June 30, 2007

Family Vacation

The last week of June, Nate and I drove down to Cape May Point, a charming whites-only resort town at the very Southern tip of the New Jersey shore, where my parents had rented a beach house. We saw hawks, dolphins, bunnies, crabs, a shark, and even a frog:

Nate and a Frog

And we ate a cubic assload of seafood and played tons of sports.

Sadly, there was no minor league ball nearby, but we were in Phillies territory, so we got to see a bit of baseball on the television. Philadelphia had a series against the Reds, and my dad told me all about Jamie Moyer, who I guess used to pitch for Seattle. Seeing Ken Griffey Jr. go up against him was extra cool. At the end of the week they started a series with my treasured New York Mets, and I saw the good guys roll right over them in both games of a double header.

After dropping my sister off at the airport in Philly, Nate and I drove back into the city, and I listened to essentially the entire game, first on a Philly station and then on WFAN as it came into range. It was a fun game to listen to, though there was one near catch that I really wished I could see video of. It was a good way to pass the time during the drive. I've always found sports radio broadcasts really hard to follow, but with a little effort it really wasn't much worse than watching TV...maybe a little harder to catch up after you zone out, but really not that bad.

Update: I found video of that near-catch. It was by Aaron Rowand on Beltran's second homer, and it's in the highlight reel under the "Top Play" video link on the wrapup.

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