Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mets vs. Braves

S      did indeed hook me up with tickets to last night's game, so I got to enjoy my poor, hapless Mets going down in defeat, 78-2. Sachar came along and the seats were really good! I snapped this picture before the game got underway, as El Duque came to take the mound (nh).

The cloud-obscured sunset provided a nice backdrop for this view of the construction equipment for Citi Field:

About halfway through the fifth inning people began leaving in droves. Friend Lee had even better seats from work and had spotted some empty ones nearby, so we moved down closer to the field to watch the massacre continue:

Pretty awesome! In this picture you can just make out Gary Cohen's shiny dome:

Sachar and Lee react to another brill Mets play:

Reading the game coverage today, I realize that I'm an idiot. I had been referring to this as Hernandez's second post-injury start, whereas it was actually his first. It sounds like everyone is taking his performance in stride, but I still would have liked to see him get a win.

Other than the actual game, it was a totally fun first visit to Shea. Sachar and Lee grew up going to Mets games and know their baseball. I always have fun trying to speculate about stuff that doesn't make sense when I've gone to games with Peter (how can the broadcasters tell what pitch he just threw?) or Kate (what's "BB" mean?), but people who actually know what they are talking about are good resources to have available.

On a related note, did you know that a bag of peanuts is supposed to be six servings? Ugh. I pretty much eat a whole bag every time I attend a game. And the ones at the Mets and Cyclones games are really salty and delicious (nullus). Ugh ugh. I had enough salt that my calf cramped up painfully in the middle of the night. That's a salt thing, right? Maybe in the future I will try to smuggle my own, smaller sack of nuts into the game.

Anyway, mad propers to S      for the tickets and to Sachar and Lee for the entertaining company. I will never forget my first time to a Mets game.

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Peter Hamtramck said...

Yeah, I always get really nervous when I have to talk with someone who really knows what's happening during a baseball game. I just hope that i sound like I know what I'm saying and then start spouting off some sort of BS about the game.

Like that weird check swing thing at the Labor Day Cyclones game. Some random dude asked me what happened and I really didn't know but I just started talking and hoped that he knew less about the rules than I do.