Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I've been feeling like I want to play some wiffleball lately. I had been thinking that it might not be very fun without any baserunning, which I think is one of the most interesting parts of baseball. But as I thought about more, the level of any baseball I would conceivably be playing is not such that anyone would be executing a hit and run. So something like wiffleball actually makes a lot of sense. Yes, I'm a genius.

So I've been reading about different junk pitches one can throw with a wiffleball, and it sounds super fun. I found this ridiculous video of a dude throwing knuckleballs:

I also found this product for sale, the Junk Ball. I'm not even really sure what the thing is, but the customer testimonials there are incredible. This is from the very first one on the page:
I can beat my dad and friend all the time with junk ball! I'm the BIG DOG and I'm gonna hit a Doggy Ding Dong Bomb!!!!!!!!!!
You cannot argue with that. Actually it sounds awesome.

Yes, I am looking at YouTube videos of wiffleball junk pitches to distract me from the Mets game. Come on, guys!


Peter Hamtramck said...

Wow, Junkball™ sounds crazy mad cool!

I guess we could have a throwback BBQ at the park where we play whiffle ball and fly kites and stuff. But we'll have to be home by sundown or mom will be totally mad.

Also, during college I had an intership at a company in Shelton Connecticut and on the drive to the office I would pass a factory building where they produced the Whffle Ball™ plasitc ball.

Also, check this out.

Travis said...

Wasn't Sarah talking about maybe having a throwback BBQ at her parents' place? Let's discuss it over Top Chef.

I will wear that tie to my wedding.