Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Oh wow, I didn't even realize what the tire gauge thing was all about: I thought Obama had said something like "we could save a lot of energy by keeping our tires properly inflated" out of nowhere, and thought he was being mocked by the McCain campaign for making the kind of weenie statement that Jimmy Carter did when he went on TV in a cardigan (that happened, right?).

But, via Majikthise, Obama's point was that everyone keeping their tires inflated wasn't a huge deal when it came to conservation, but that even so it would save as much energy as off-shore oil drilling would, and at much lesser cost, which showed just how stupid the pro-drilling argument was.

I think the correct Obama response to this has to just go further along this same path of ignoring everything that came before your opponent's most recent response: John McCain is giving out tire gauges because he has realized that keeping people's tires inflated will be twice as effective in reducing energy costs as the off-shore drilling he has been talking about.

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