Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Travel Reviews

I hate when someone is writing something that is ostensibly some sort of report from some out-of-town event they are attending but then you read it and it turns out to mostly be complaints about air travel.

I understand that if you do not travel frequently then the fact that you have to wait in lines and take your shoes off and don't get enough to eat on the airplane seem like big deals, especially when a whole day went by and all you did was get pissed off in airports and you feel obligated to report on something since you did get time off work and everything.

But if you think about it, anybody who might actually be informed by this kind of griping is by definition someone who also does not travel by air very frequently. And by the same token, not likely to find said gripes very useful in their own lives.

You see this same kind of thing when dorky movies come out and get "reviewed" by nerds on the internet who have not been to the movies since Superman. Like the entire first half of the review is all this vitriol regarding how expensive movie tickets and popcorn are and then the second half is about how somebody's cell phone went off during the pod race, none of which are newsworthy or very upsetting to anyone who actually attends movies on a regular basis.

And then there's a postscript about Jar-Jar Binks, and nobody's learned anything.

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