Wednesday, January 7, 2009


For some reason, my library eschews the standard login/password method of authentication when you access your account online. Since that's I guess what my web browser expects to deal with when it saves passwords and stuff, my browser won't remember any of the form data, and thus logging in has always meant I have to dig out my library card and copy down the like 10-digit barcode just to renew a book.

I finally took the time to mess around and figure out how to make a bookmark that would fill in my info for me. Here it is:
javascript: filldata = function() { document.getElementsByName("name")[0].value = "..."; document.getElementsByName("code")[0].value = "..."; document.getElementsByName("pin")[0].value = "..."; }; filldata()
It's actually pretty damn simple, and now I'm upset at all the years (years!) I've wasted typing in my barcode over and over.

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