Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weather 2.0?

Is there a clean, fast web site for checking weather forecasts?

It occurred to me a week or two ago that it's 2008, and there should be no reason to subject myself to the cluttered interface and animated banner ads of I don't know of anything better, so I've switched to the government. It's actually not bad, functionality-wise, though it is still pretty unattractive. But at least they don't assault you with ads or distract you with golf conditions or whatnot.


DU said...

My Lunix box has a taskbar applet that forecasts the weather. It even has a radar map. Maybe whatever OS you are using isn't ready for the desktop?

(That said, it quit working on my home computer a while ago and I don't know why. Probably I need to recompile my colonel.)

tps12 said...

Maybe whatever OS you are using isn't ready for the desktop?

Oh, not even close. Hence the need for a good web option.

Though actually I am opposed to taskbars in general. And desktop applets, don't get me started.

DU said...

How about a commandline utility? It would display the radar map in ASCII.

In all seriousness, I've had this question recently myself as has my officemate. We didn't find any good options. It looks like twitter has feeds that use airport codes? But just for today's weather.

I used to use Weather Underground but stopped for security during the Ayers flap. No, sorry, I said I was being serious. I stopped for some unremembered reason. The site seems fine now, maybe that will work?

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