Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cyclones vs. Yankees

Our friend Sachar hooked us up with free tickets to Monday's day game against the Yankees, so Peter and I roused ourselves in the early light of morn (I was still reeling from a late night of partying the night before) to bike down to KeySpan. It was a beautiful day, and our last chance to catch the Cyclones hosting Staten Island in the regular season.

At some point during the game, Peter noted that the two umpires both adopted a wide stance before each pitch. As the pitcher began his motion they would squat down, but for a few seconds they'd just stand there in their wide stances:

Umpires in wide stances

Here are some details:

Infield umpire Plate umpire

Pretty impressive! I tried to watch some of the game in a similar wide stance, but was not able to hold it for very long at all.

The game was really good...there were lots of weird errors by the Yankees and awesome plays by the Cyclones. I was buying hot dogs and missed the 3-6-3 double play that finished the top of the first. I did catch the DP to end the top of the third, when second baseman J.R. Voyles fielded a grounder, tagged out the runner with an awesome spin move and then threw it to first in the same motion. And the Cyclones caught two runners trying to steal second. Pretty sweet.

There was also a weird disputed call. Looking at the game log, I think it had to have been in the bottom of the second. I believe what happened was that Bouchard tried to check his swing on a 3-2 pitch that wasn't in the strike zone, and the plate umpire called him out while the infield ump said he had not come all the way around and it was ball four. So Bouchard took his base and Voyles advanced to second, there was a little discussion, and Bouchard was called out. The Cyclones' manager came out to argue the point, to no avail. Then the Yankees' manager came out to argue that Voyles should have to return to first, since there was no walk. The umpire let Voyles keep second, scoring it a stolen base. Weird!

Towards the end of the game, Peter enjoyed a helmetful of ice cream:

Peter eating ice cream

After the game we went to the beach to fly Peter's kite. I fashioned a parachute device out of some paper clips, rubber bands, and a couple napkins, and we were able to send it up the kite string and have it come drifting gently down onto the beach. Really cool. I didn't get a picture of the parachute, but here's Peter flying the kite:

Peter flies his kite

Update: I put together a little web page about the parachutes we made for the kite.

Update: So Sachar made a video of one of the parachute launches, and I had linked it here because I was drunk and forgot that one could just embed that shit. Check it:


Peter Hamtramck said...

Great Monday at Coney Island, so many wacky plays at the game and too much fun at the beach!

You forgot to mention the crazy helicopter moment while we were swimming in the ocean. I think it might have been shark related.

Browsing Google Patents there appear to be quite a few ideas as to how to drop a parachute from a kite.

this one seems very simple so I think with a bit of trial and error we could recreate something with similar functionality. I also want to add a tail to my kite to see if I can stabilize it a bit.


Travis said...

Yeah, I hadn't seen the shark story yet when I posted it, and thinking someone had drowned was a serious downer, so I thought I'd leave it out of my account of the Near-Perfect Labor Day.

That's a really nice launcher design. Maybe use a paper towel tube to keep it light weight? The use of the parachute as the propulsion system, so that the launcher comes back down the line once the parachute releases, is really elegant.

I'm going to try to put together a slightly sturdier parachute for next time.

Peter Hamtramck said...

Also, what's up with the weird Peter doppelganger in the background of the photo of me eating helmet ice cream?


Travis said...

Hahaha, that's awesome.