Thursday, January 31, 2008

Meanwhile, in the world of baseball...

Since I only ever check in on baseball news every couple days, I didn't even know that Tuesday was a thrilling day to be a Mets fan. But I am excited now, anyway.

When I was first reading about who all the fans wanted to pick up for 2008, Santana really seemed like pie in the sky. Like, yes, I agreed that he would be just what the Mets needed for a contending pitching staff, but giving the Mets a contending pitching staff was not on the Twins', or any of the competing bidders', list of priorities. I dismissed it as wishful thinking and that the shot we got in 2007 was not to be repeated in the near future.

But what I don't know about the baseball business could fill a book (or at least an infrequently-updated blog), and I'm happy to be proven wrong. 2008 should be a fun year.

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