Friday, February 1, 2008

Biking Loses an Advantage

I hate owning a car. There are any number of annoying aspects of urban car ownership, but one of them is flyering.

Just about every week when I go to move the car for street cleaning (most weeks this is the only time I even look at my car) there is at least one advertisement tucked under the windshield wiper. Postcards and letter-sized sheets are the most popular formats, though business cards show up on occasion, and they're often filthy from enduring several nights in the open.

Yet another reason to prefer a bike, right? Well so I thought. Yesterday evening I was running errands in the city and I came back to my bike only to find that I'd been flyered:

Advertising flier in bike basket

It was an ad for some retail promotion where you get a free dinner or something. Ridiculous.

So there you go. One less advantage of cycling over driving.

And while I'm posting pictures from my cell phone, here's one of Nate with a dead salmon:

Nate thinks the dead salmon is number one

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