Monday, March 17, 2008

Lewis Lapham on Steroids

On the topic of steroids, that is.

Harper's is my regular gym read, and I find that a month's worth of workouts usually provides just enough time on the elliptical machine to get through one issue, more or less, depending on how well I stick to my exercise schedule and how hard the cryptic is.

Anyway, because of a combination of my ski vacation and general laziness, I've fallen a whole two issues behind, so I just this weekend started reading the March issue, and Lewis Lapham's Notebook entry, entitled "Mudville," is an excellent satirical examination of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball and the American Dream. More or less along the lines of this blog post from a couple months back, but less scattered, more incisive, and funnier.

The text isn't up on their website, but they do have images of the scanned pages, which I've shared below.

'Mudville' page 1
'Mudville' page 2
'Mudville' page 3

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