Monday, March 3, 2008


After hours of study in the far reaches of internet photo sites, Sarah and I at some point determined that corgis' ears don't come out perked up...they're born with floppy ears, and at some point first one and then the other stands up. We already decided that when we get Bonkers (if he's young enough when we get him) then we'll celebrate both of his eardays.

Anyway, I happened to be looking at pics of Maddi today, and noticed that there's a good portrayal of the corgi ear progression.

Here she is at six weeks old:
6-week old Maddi with two floppy ears

At seven weeks, one ear stands up:
7-week old Maddi with one floppy ear and one sticking up

And after eight weeks, both ears are standing up:
8-week old Maddi with two ears sticking up

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Jane said...

When is Bonkers going to arrive from space? He can only orbit for so long.