Monday, March 24, 2008

More 3D Photos

I did some more 3D stuff. Got a couple somewhat blurry ones around the house, and one in particular of some houseplants on the windowsill that came out really nice. Also a good shot outside the post office and one inside taken on my celly (a violation of the 3D PATRIOT Act X-Treme). And one of my blood getting drained by the vampires at the NY Blood Center.

I decided to put everything into a 3D set on Flickr.


DU said...

Whoa, the screen is awesome.

Post Office really works as well. It looks like you need to have a pretty good depth variation. But Beecher has depth variation and I can't even see the individual images by naked eye.

Wait a must be simulating this with a single photo. You really need two camerae...

tps12 said...

Yeah, I'm still not exactly sure what the secret formula is when it comes to depth variation. It seems related to how close the whole scene is to the camera: if it's really close up then everything should be at around the same depth, but if it's a wide shot then you can have some real dramatic differences and it will look awesome.

I've been doing two pictures offset from each other by a couple inches (basically, holding my head still and taking one with my left eye and one with my right), which is why they're all static scenes.

DU said...

After I posted that I realized you must be doing something like that. For one thing, there's no (simple) way to fake it. For another, the red/blue diff in your tattoo isn't linear.

Also, using the sun angle variation and the known date, I've determined your latitude and longitude, so duck.....NOW!