Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good Take on Supreme Court Vacancy

I like Ezra Klein's framing of the issue: the centrality of women's (and gay and racial minority) issues to what the SCOTUS does is exactly why non-(straight white male) candidates are so important.

And it is actually seriously incredible to me that an opinion columnist in a national paper can do a piece that boils down to "race and gender don't matter anymore so Obama should appoint a white man" and not get called out by an editor for the basic error in reasoning.


DU said...

Since when has reasoning played any part in conservative framing? "Anybody who isn't an old white dude is an ultralibrul" is rightward push of the Overton Window, not a logical argument.

tps12 said...

I think Richard Cohen bills himself as a reasonable moderate (of course, your "when has reasoning played any part" question still applies). But yeah, this is identity politics at its worst.