Friday, August 24, 2007

Checking Scores via Text

Last night I was having dinner at friend Dorothy's house. Her and Robert had cooked up some amazing medallions of pork in a Tuscan style (I think), served with a salad of asparagus (both colors!), anchovy, and poached egg. It was so awesome.

Anyway, because I am a ridiculous boor, at
one pointseveral points I checked the score of the Mets game, using a service I found out about a couple weeks ago where you text "score Mets" to GOOGL and they text back the current box score a few seconds later. I reported the score to all those who were interested (nobody) and Robert asked how I'd checked it. Robert works for MLB and Dorothy for Google, so I told him that Dorothy was eating his lunch.

So he told me to try texting "Mets" (no "score" required! Think of the time I'll save!) to MLB-GO. I tried it, and damn! It was so much better! Not only do they give you the box score, but you get the names of the pitcher and batter and the current count. And the response fits in a single text message, whereas Google always seems to send me two-page responses.

So there's my plug. It's for a free product of a monopoly, so I don't think my endorsement matters one way or the other. Oh, and my poor Mets fell to the dastardly Padres.

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