Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mets @ Nationals

The game is still ongoing. Indeed, it is even at a dramatic point where it is the bottom of the seventh with one out and the tying run at bat (is that how you say it? Dude on base is not the tying run). So I guess this qualifies as "live" blogging, except that instead of talking about what is actually happening in the game—because that information is available on television and radio and the internet—I am going to talk about the broadcasters. Again.

Okay, now the tying runs are on base.

Alright, broadcasters. Are they allowed to drink on Saturdies or something? They seem unusually punchy. I didn't catch how it started, but there have been like nonstop cracks about Gary Cohen's alma mater being Columbia. I guess it's a hippie baiting thing. He was probably an actual Marxist at that time, so I guess it's fair.

And then there was this conversation about what the best kind of stirrups are. "Hey, bet you like those stirrups?" "Those are the ugliest stirrups! We always hated those." I love how often they "dish" on uniforms. Baseball, so gay.

And then there was this part where for some reason (playing in DC?) they showed an Abraham Lincoln bobblehead (I heart USA), and one of them was like "wow, he looks grumpy" or something along those lines. Which, granted, not extremely clever observation. But homeboy's response was: "well, you would have looked like that if you'd been president at that time. Really tough presidency!" Uh, yeah. I guess the worst time to be president is, by definition, the time when the president is being assassinated.

The tying runs were left stranded!

I don't know, maybe I'm misreading the Lincoln thing. The comment only really makes sense as being humorously understated, but it still seemed off. Anyway, those stirrups, don't get me started. And I love the way this guy swings!

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