Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I haven't been watching baseball!

Looking at my blog posts, it appears that it's been eleven days since I've even caught a game on TV! I have been txting up a storm when I remember that a game is on, but there's just been so many social things going on, and in such good weather, that I haven't sat down to enjoy a broadcast in almost two weeks. I think hanging out with real people in real life has got to trump watching imaginary people play a game on television, so no regrets.

Maybe I will try to view the Mets/Phillies game this evening, perhaps after visiting the gym or going for a post-work bike ride (I'm supposed to be training for a century ride that's coming up). And it looks like I will at least get to see the Cyclones host the Yankees in a day game on Labor Day. The NY-Penn season is almost over! I wonder if playoff tickets will be looks like Staten Island is going to take the Wild Card.

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