Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pitching (nullus)

Last night Peter and I had a small bite to eat at the sports bar around the block from my house. Peter had a copy of the latest Times' "Play" magazine, which is like a sports insert they do on Sundays. But it had this cool little article on pitching where Mike Mussina laid out how he pitches in different situations, which pitches he throws and how they work, and how the strike zone has been affected by computer-aided umpire evaluation. The online version is not nearly as cool, because the really neat part of it were the illustrations of the strike zone, where the pitches were thrown in the different batter examples, and the different grips for pitches. Worth checking out, especially if you have the hard copy lying around.


Peter Hamtramck said...

the article is not the same without the illustrations.


Travis said...