Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Kitty Birthday!

Today it's my cats's birthday's! They're two years old. Judging by Lucy's behavior this morning starting about an hour before my alarm went off, they are either entering their terrible twos or their rebellious teenage years.

I made them party hats using the outline from this template, scaled down to fit a cat-head instead of a person-head. I personalized them with photos of each of them:

Printed party hats

And then I added some happy birthday messages and taped them up:

Party hats assembled

I experimented with chin straps, and it just was not happening. So I had to try to get a hat near one of their heads and then snap a picture before they batted it away. The perfect ensemble portrait I had pictured in my mind was clearly an impossibility.

Lucy in her party hat

The Colonel in her party hat

Happy birthday, Lucy and the Colonel! I love you guys!


Jane said...

Dear Lucy & The Col.,

Happy Birthday. I know you are still jealous of me, but I would like to throw you a party in my crate if you're not busy eating the fern or boxing.


DU said...

Look, it was bad enough when you were just talking about it in gmail, but posting pictures of your lovers in their birthday suits is OVER THE LINE.