Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cartoon Baseball

When we were growing up, my brother Nate would always talk about a funny cartoon he'd seen when he was really little, where someone had thrown a "slow-poe ball." He specifically remembered the boast, "I'll get 'im with my slow-poe ball."

At some point, we caught a Woody Woodpecker cartoon where he's at a baseball game, and we were sure it must have been the one he remembered. Someone did throw a sneaky slow pitch, but there was no line about a "slow-poe ball." Mysterious!

A couple weeks ago, I happened to come across a blog post about a Bugs Bunny cartoon, "Baseball Bugs." So while we were on vacation in tropical New Jersey, I found it on YourTube, then located a torrent for a Woody Woodpecker anthology from which I downloaded just "The Screwball," and we watched them both. Mystery solved: the line is Bugs's, and what he actually does is "perplex 'im with [his] slowball."

Anyway, here's the videos:

Interestingly, Bugs and Woody seem to have studied some of the same tactics.

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