Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mets vs. Pirates

First pitch at noon, and I was all set to spend a couple hours working in my living room while watching my Mets finish their sweep of Pittsburgh in the background. No such luck! Oliver Perez was doing so good, but then it all went to hell, and there was nowt to be done. My man Joe Smith pitches so cool, but he sure does seem to give up hits whenever he comes in to relieve (nullus). What was it, 8-4 by the end? Bummer.

I liked the shots of the Citi Park construction crew watching the game from the work site. I didn't so much enjoy the shots of John Travolta and Robin Williams, who I guess were actually shooting some crappy scene there and not just enjoying the game. Actually, that could explain the loss...I can't think of a better pair of harbingers of doom than those two.

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