Monday, July 9, 2007

Cyclones on TV!

I wasn't interested in the home run derby, so I'd planned on reading my book while I had dinner at a local Mexican joint. To my pleasant surprise, the Cyclones were on TV! I guess with no big league games, SNY had decided to show some local ball. I caught the last three innings in their loss to the Jamestown Jammers (nullus!). For some reason my beloved Brooklyn Cyclones were wearing what appeared to be St. Patrick's Day–themed uniforms. Maybe their regular ones were at the cleaners?

One thing I noticed on the close-up shots that I hadn't seen at the live game was that when these kids put someone out, they're visibly happy. You can tell they're just totally psyched to be playing pro ball, and they can't help but break into a huge grin after making a catch or striking out a batter. Great stuff.

Also, I noted at least three very questionable calls in Brooklyn's favor. Really hope it was a coincidence rather than conspiracy. I looked up the standings and the Cyclones are above .700, so they really don't need the aid of any biased umperialism.

Later, I went to the bar and met up with Peter, who'd seen part of the home run derby on the TV at the gym. I guess the participants chilled out on recliners between rounds...on the field! Weird. We ran into our friend Francis and talked baseball.

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