Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yankees vs. Angels

Kate got her boss's tickets again, and we went with our friend Ryan to see them play the Angels once more. This time I brought my camera, so I can explain to people how nice the seats are. Here's Derek Jeter up in the bottom of the first:

Yankees vs. Astros

It was so incredibly hot, I can't even explain it...I made the right choice taking the train rather than riding my bike, even though it meant spending the time getting my clock cleaned by Kate in Scrabble. J/k, it was trill fun.

This time round, the Yankees fared a lot better, though there wasn't a lot of tension after they established their 10-run lead in the fourth. Wang really is fun to watch (nullus), and there were plenty of cool home runs. I think in the eighth, some guys near us started The Wave and it went around the whole park, both decks, three whole revolutions. Pretty damned impressive.

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