Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anticipa-Do List

My anticipatory to-do list program is complete. It's called Anticipa-Do List and basically works just as I record whenever you clean your room or notice that it needs cleaning, and after a couple times it will remind you before it gets too bad:

Updating the status of a task

Notifications are handled by setting up email reminders in Google Calendars. Here's an event that Anticipa-Do List has generated:

Google calendar event with reminder

It's configured thus:

Configuring the Google Calendars notification plugin

Notifications use a plugin system, so that part is flexible.

It's all C# and Windows and everything, so it's not like anyone I know could actually use it. But I'll post updates as my own life is revolutionized.

Email reminder


DU said...

Your razor shaves infrequently, but exceedingly fine. Apparently.

When I saw the link to at first I thought it was You could make this whole thing a webservice. It could remind me to zip up when I leave the bathroom (assuming I owned a wireless computer and had it on in the bathroom, which I totally would).

tps12 said...

Yeah, I know, desktop software is a bit of a throwback, isn't it. Is there a place that will host web services for free? Without me having to get cooties by touching any HTML?

It should be easily portable to ASP.NET, anyway. Left as an exercise for the reader.

DU said...

AppEngine will host you for free as long as you are below 500MB/second or whatever the ridiculously high number is.

I was going to port denoser to Web 3.0 for you as a surprise but never got around to it.