Friday, May 16, 2008

Clean as a Hippie!

Cam linked to a blog dedicated to "unbranding" your home. Totally my kind of thing, but I'm skeptical about the natural cleaning tips. In particular, the idea that vinegar and baking soda combine to make a more effective cleaning product than either one alone, and that you can "see it working" as it foams up. What you can see is the mixture turning into water and carbon dioxide, but maybe carbon dioxide is really good for cleaning. Anyway, I haven't tried it, so I guess I should reserve judgment.


DU said...

Carbon dioxide mixed with water would make (very mild) carbonic acid. An acid might be good for cleaning.

But then, vinegar is already an acid. Not to mention the fact that you are producing CO2, the deadly gas.

tps12 said...

Here's another good passage in support of using bubbling baking soda for cleaning:

Baking soda may be able to curb global warming! No, I’m serious. Skyonic has come up with a process called SkyMine that turns gaseous CO2 emissions into solid, stable carbonates - mostly sodium bicarbonate, otherwise known as baking soda.

DU said...


Peter Hamtramck said...

Wait a minute, by also selling fancy labels for your homemade soaps and salves aren't they just creating another kind of "Brand"?

More like re-branding your home.

I suppose you don't have to buy or use their labels but it sorta takes away from their overall goal.

tps12 said...

Yeah, in a way it's sort of a step towards an even more extreme branding, where the brand is completely unmoored from any actual specific product: your SHAMPOO label could be on a bottle of a salon product, or on a tub of your own homemade concoction, or it could be on a jar of spaghetti sauce.