Monday, June 16, 2008

I Believe a Quote From "The Usual Suspects" Would Be Apropos

Bol mongers some conspiracy, and when you cut through his usual misogyny and antisemitism, he accurately points out that a lot of influential people do seem to hang out with one another. Harry had linked me to a Rad Geek post on spontaneous order a little while back, and how harmful social orders can precipitate as a result of uncoordinated individual actions, and I think it's relevant here.

The political and economic orders that prevail in today's world are such that influence accrues to a disproportionate few. It's not all that surprising that they would hang out together, no more than Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan being friends suggests an athletical Illuminati.

Literal conspiracy is gratuitous under such circumstances.

I am posting this for next Monday on Friday the 13th! Conspiracy?!?

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