Friday, June 27, 2008

Mariners @ Mets

Following such a brutal first three innings on Wednesday, I didn't realize how good the Mariners defense actually was for the rest of the game. Batista gets the biggest share of the blame, but Beltre's throwing error in the third led to a four-run inning. 0-8 looks a lot more insurmountable going into the fourth. And so it was.

The silver lining is that the Mets go into their series against the hated Yankees coming off a win. I wish I'd had it together enough to get tickets to both games today. How cool would it have been to bike to Yankee Stadium at 2, come home, and then bike to Shea at 8, for the last regular-season subway series in the old stadia? But alas! I shall instead have to be on the ball (on the baseball!) next season for a double-header in the New Yankee and Citi parks.

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