Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Lincoln Memorial Will Wear a "Grill"!!!!

Sadly Leonard rounds up a nice set of hysterical racists reacting to the Obamas' celebratory fist bump. Hilarious.

It's interesting how many of them obsess over hip-hop, pop music being such a resonant cultural indicator. I suppose their intellectual forbears were hyperventilating about how if you elect John O'FITZGERALD Kennedy then there'll be Elvis-dancing on the White House lawn.

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DU said...

My names Obama
and I'm hear to say
high-er taxes
are comin' your way!

(Copyright DU, all rights reserved)

I like how one of the racists is "Sacajawea" and the one complaining about minorities overrunning the US is "franco" (eye-ties!).

What I also like is how they are assuming he'll win. That's the spirit!