Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Traffic Pattern at Brooklyn Bridge

Via mole333, the DOT is introducing new rules for the crash-heavy intersection of Adams and Tillary next week. My preferred route to the Manhattan Bridge, which is almost always how I get to the city by bicycle, goes across Adams and then left alongside the Brooklyn Bridge approach, and then a right on Sands to the Manhattan Bridge bike path.

The new pattern will mean I won't have to wait as long to cross Adams (and when I do, I will only have to follow one crosswalk signal instead of two). But on the other hand, all of the Brooklyn Bridge traffic that would cross my path at Adams I will now encounter either at Cadman West or at Jay and Sands, both intersections that are already difficult spots for asserting one's right-of-way over turning car traffic. (I do not know what crash statistics are like for those two places, but I suspect that there are fewer serious crashes there due almost entirely to there being less traffic overall.)

We shall see. As mole333 suggests, it's good that they are building a trial period into this change. As admittedly dangerous as the intersection is, there's no obvious quick fix that will make it better, so empirical experimentation like this is necessary.

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