Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3D Graphics

I've been dicking around with the Axiom 3D engine in my free time for a couple days. It's a C# port of OGRE, and someone had figured out how to do a red/cyan anaglyph display in OGRE, so I was trying to get that to work in Axiom:

Anaglyph robot rendering

I had to make some changes to some of Thieum's original material scripts to account for features that aren't supported yet in the current Axiom alpha release, but it seems to basically work.

I'll be sure to let people know when I start producing the next Björk video.


DU said...

They look pretty good, but they need a background.

tps12 said...

Yeah, that's just the model that comes with the library demos...I was just trying to get something up on the screen.

I also wasn't paying attention to minor details like minus signs, so that screenshot has the robots popping out of the screen, whereas the more natural situation for a video game would be to have them sitting "back" in an environment beyond the screen plane.