Friday, April 18, 2008

Too Perfect to Check

This is sort of, uh, hard to swallow, but it sure does draw the employer/employee relationship in pretty stark terms. Yes, in all likelihood, your management will subject you to whatever it thinks it can get away with under the Geneva Conventions. It wouldn't be management otherwise.


DU said...

Did you watch the Mythbusters episode on torture? It was actually pretty grim. Not only did they know what they were getting into (and that it was torture), I believe they even had a torture counselor talk to them beforehand (it might have been after, though). It was still worse than they thought and they couldn't finish.

Now imagine that done without the preparation or safety precautions. That guy deserves every penny, even if he "knew" what was going to happen.

But yeah, the symbolism also. "Did you see how hard he was fighting for air, now fight that hard for customers." You know what? I only have a job so I can put food on the table, so I think I'm already "fighting for air".

tps12 said...

Whoa, I didn't. That's pretty messed up.

I also love the Orwellian description of the demonstration as a "team-building exercise." Dude needs a job at the DOJ for sure.

DU said...

Yeah, I'm not clear on how torturing an individual builds a team. (Actually, I am, but not the kind of team they want to build. I assume.) If they really want a team, why not do something they can all enjoy? Bowling maybe.

Also, it's pretty revealing that the manager wants them to work harder not to reach a marginally better reward but to avoid a horrific punishment. They weren't jumping for $100 bills, say.