Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Who's Gonna Train Me Cats?

Some dog training book I read (Cesar Millan's?) pointed out that in any movie that features a bunch of animals together in a room not chasing each other (the example given was Dr. Dolittle), each of those animals has a trainer standing just off-set, keeping them on task with their positive energy (this is what makes me think it was Cesar's).

This caused me to realize that, duh, you see cats in movies, and therefore they must be trainable, regardless of what people say. I know people train cats to use toilets, after all, so getting them to respond to commands can't be impossible. And indeed, I have found some information on training cats.

We started Monday with "sit." I've been introducing the Colonel to the vocabulary for "kiss," "lap," and "tummy," but not trying to get her to do any of it on command yet, and of course Lucy already fetches on her own. But I did get them each to "come" and "sit" for me a couple times.

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DU said...

If you can train them to "don't sit on my face" you'll make a mint.