Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not Alone

I guess I'm not the only one to notice. Not that I read Slashdot, but I just happen to be trying to get at something on Sourceforge, and I guess they haven't changed their server configuration since 2001. Which make sense, as it was also the last time they updated their site design.


DU said...

Good news for Linux?

It is well-known in the Internet community that Slashdot runs on Free-BSD. This further confirmation that it, like Maine-based novelist Stephen King, is dying. Hopefully people will start migrating away from that closed source "solution" and towards Linux.

Also, Freshmeat. Wow. (nullus) I haven't thought of that site in years.

tps12 said...

In trying to diagnose the problem I actually checked the LNUX stock price. Needless to say, "dead or dying" is being kind.

DU said...


User got "path not found" when trying to launch Word.

Have checked:

- Computer plugged in and on
- stock price of MSFT

No change. Recommend reimaging machine.