Monday, April 28, 2008

Some Bloggers Are Wankers

I don't read GrandGood, but I greatly enjoyed R.H.S.'s two posts responding to some sort of whining about "racism" directed at white hip-hop bloggers. R.H.S. pegs the motivating sentiment as discomfort with black nationalist type views.

And who can blame him, nationalism is inherently discomforting to white people, and that's sort of the whole point. But responding with the tired we-should-be-talking-about-class-rather-than-race/blacks-can-be-racist-too lines (with a bonus dose of why-can't-I-use-the-N-word) is completely out of order.

Especially when the comment that set him off (along the lines of "you should blog about something you're more qualified to comment on, like banking") is a) far less offensive than what you can find in any randomly-selected Byron Crawford post, and b) actually pretty funny.

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